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There is an increasing global epidemic of obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes induced by Western diet and lifestyle that has led to skyrocketing rates of development of related liver diseases.

The additional problem is that until now there has been no preclinical model of naturally developing fatty liver, fibrosis and hepatocellular carcinoma that mirrors humans as a result of the Westernized high-fat, high-sugar diet. Sanyal Biotechnology was born from Dr Arun.J.Sanyal solving this problem and creating the superior DIAMOND™ mice (Diet Induced Animal Model Of Non-alcoholic fatty liver Disease).

They are a proprietary isogenic mouse strain that naturally develops NAFLD, NASH, Fibrosis, and HCC in response to a high fat high sugar Western Diet (no poisons or other interventions). The mice become insulin resistant, obese, and dyslipidemic just like humans with metabolic syndrome. Disease progression in the DIAMOND™ mice parallels human disease progression, right down to the histopathology.

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Sanyal Biotechnology offers contract research services to clients who seek a more physiologically relevant small animal model for their preclinical research into liver disease and other comorbidities resulting from the metabolic syndrome. We develop customized studies to screen your compounds of interest based on your desired end-points, and provide professional interpretation of data. We offer a flexible menu of core services beyond histopathology. Studies are carried out in an AAALAC accredited, GLP environment.

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