NCET2 is an American organization of university technology transfer officers, and this was the first national startup competition that they sponsored.  Of the 200 startups that competed, Sanyal Biotechnology was one of the finalists chosen to present at DemoDay 2016, an event held in Washington DC at Congress on September 20th.  Dr. Rebecca Caffrey, CEO and Co-Founder of Sanyal Bio, said the win was particularly meaningful because the contest was judged by representatives from industry, pharma and biotech executives, who really understood their market and product.  “The contest judges were essentially drawn straight from our corporate customer base, and this recognition reinforces the value the market places on our services and our company.”  Caffrey emphasized that the win was the result of a strong and dedicated team of scientists and business professionals working together to commercialize the DIAMOND™ mouse and their CRO services.  “Dr. Sanyal and I have assembled an all-star team around a great technology, so I expected us to do well in this comepetition.” she commented.