Introducing the first murine model of NASH that develops solely from consumption of Western Diet. The DIAMOND™ mice (Diet Induced Animal Model Of Non-alcoholic fatty liver Disease) are a proprietary isogenic mouse strain that develops NAFLD, NASH, Fibrosis, and HCC in response to a high fat high sugar Western Diet (no poisons or other interventions). The mice become insulin resistant, obese, and dyslipidemic just like humans with metabolic syndrome.  Disease progression in the DIAMOND™ mice parallels human disease progression, right down to the histopathology.  Not only do littermates on normal chow diets remain healthy, but the DIAMOND™ mice even respond positively to pioglitazone, just like humans.  If you’re still making decisions based on data from inferior preclinical animal models, you could be missing the mark.  Sanyal Biotechnology holds the exclusive worldwide license from Virginia Commonwealth University. The DIAMOND™ mice are a superior animal model, delivering superior results.

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