Sanyal Biotechnology is a contract research organization built to serve the needs of clients who seek a more physiologically relevant small animal model for their preclinical research into liver disease and other comorbidities resulting from the metabolic syndrome.  We develop customized studies to screen your compounds of interest based on your desired end-points, and provide professional interpretation of data.  We offer a flexible menu of core services beyond histopathology. Studies are carried out in an AAALAC accredited, GLP environment. Sanyal Biotechnology also offers PK and toxicology work on the DIAMOND™ mouse and have successfully induced autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) in the DIAMOND™ mouse.  Sanyal Biotechnology also offers other mouse models as well as PK and toxicology and diets for NASH, fibrosis, and HCC work.  The company also offers ELISA, PCR, blot work, and a propriety leaky gut assay.

  • DIAMOND™ Mice
  • Study design
  • Dosing, monitoring and collecting data on mice
  • Collection of tissues and fluid samples
  • Histopathology of tissues
  • Laboratory testing on fluid samples
  • Quantitative/qualitative analysis of specific biomarkers
  • Statistical analysis
  • Report generation
  • Consultation with client to interpret results and discuss next steps
  • Design additional studies based on client needs
  • Archive and biorepository services
  • Sample banking


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